Monday, May 15, 2023

When I think of my father....


When I think of my father, I think of …….

His profound knowledge in Carnatic Music, although he had no formal learning of the same. He could play couple of instruments, like Harmonium, and during my childhood, he used to play the harmonium and make me sleep. In radio, it will be continuously Carnatic music concerts, and we were trained to identify the raga. He was the one who arranged for my Veena learning and motivated me.

My father was interested in several subjects, English, Maths, Physics, Logic, Astronomy to mention a few. From a remote village in South, from a family of uneducated people around, he went to Madras to pursue his higher education. He was well versed in writing poems in English. He was a very knowledgeable person.

 He used to read a lot and a variety of books and will always share what he read with us. He used to teach the fundamentals of Physics, Maths etc. in a casual way, without forcing us into it, and it used to be so natural. This is one reason which motivated me to chose Physics & Maths in College.

He was a very respected and popular Maths teacher, and I am sure I inherited that interest from him to take up teaching as a career.

 He was very affectionate with all us children. I remember, he used to make two of us sit in his cycle, and push the cycle, while returning from school.

 Though he earned a meagre salary as a teacher, with my mother’s managing skills, he gave us, simple nourishing food, which helps me to keep good health till date. He himself was very healthy, without any chronic illness, till his death, at the age of 87.

 He used to be strict with us and inculcated certain discipline and trained us to be very punctual, which helps me till date to lead a disciplined life and also helped me to bring up my children teaching similar values of life.

My father will always remain as my HERO and ROLEMODEL

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