Sunday, May 2, 2010

Past-Present-Future; Kal-Aaj-Kal ; 'Netru-Indru-Naalai'

What ever I write here all fully my views based on my thoughts. If it resembles some one's life, it is sheer coincidence.
When ever I see or hear people, read or watch T.V. , walk or sit idle - thoughts about our fore fathers, friends of our generation, children of next generation who will start talking "our generation" soon crowd my mind. For a long time it had been my wish, 'Aasha' , 'Aasai' to share these thoughts with other women. But something blocked my action. Typical of my generation !!!! Let me get out of it and make a start.
There will be a series of write ups - comparing yesterday-today-tomorrow - in veriety of topics - womens' status, children, Education.....etc. etc. I will try to be brief- not trying your patience while you read.
Please do not hesitate to put in your comments/views !!!